Wet Confetti formed in Portland, Oregon December 2000. Since then
they have been consistently playing shows, putting out albums and touring.
After their first year of playing the band incorporated baritone
guitar and electric piano into the mix. Their sound is uniquely their own, a
touch of noise, post-punk, and pop. Wet confetti is currently working on
their first full length.


Story Line Records
A three piece band with enough energy, intensity, and eurythmic
integrity to make you feel like you can't contain yourself, and
send you into a corner balled in the fetal position. All members of Wet
Confetti kick some serious butt, throwing down some major lo-fi indie
rock tunes that are sure to please. They also have a cool collection of
instruments that you need to check out as well, and I'll leave it at that.
S. Jennerman
Rating: ***1/2
Action Attack Helicopter
The darker side of indie rock is represented on Policia De La Educacion. Not
dark like The Cure, just not as upbeat and formal as what people are calling
indie rock these days. I could go for some better mixing as this is not as
slick as I'd prefer it to be but the mixing doesn't take away from what Wet
Confetti are trying to accomplish. These songs flow together so well
that I didn't even notice that I was on my third listen. Policia De La
Educacion is a solid release from a band that deserves to be
- Phillip Princer